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Let’s just admit it, we are all looking for superheroes of some sort. Our superheroes may come in different forms and in different ways, but we are always looking for someone to come and swoop in and make everything better. Hollywood is not blind to this. That is why Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and so many others exist on TV and in the movies. This is not just isolated to male superheroes. The first widely recognizable female superhero is Wonder Woman and…


I awoke to my heart pounding faster and harder than I have ever felt. I felt so weak and could not pull myself off of the floor. I tried with all my might but to no avail.


Several years ago the Southeast portion of the United States was in a drought situation. Lakes had deteriorated and rivers were very low. For at least two years the southeast was in a shortfall of rain. I remember taking our youth up to Lake Jocassee and walking down the lakeside where the water was supposed to be. The lake had dropped in depth about 15 feet so there was about 20 yards of extra embankment beside the lake. It wasn’t…