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Pass around a die (dice) and have the youth roll it one at a time. Whatever number it lands on, you read a question/statement/task from that numbered category for that person. Sometimes other youth may want to add to the discussion or statement and you should allow that to happen. Whenever a category runs out, you have them roll again… or repeat them. Personal (1) What is your most important possession? Name one thing you don’t have that you would…


This is a sermon I preached at my local church for youth Sabbath this past weekend. God moves when we step out in faith. When we let go of our time, our talents, and our treasures. God moves when we, the church, go all in. Don’t settle for good. Be great for God.


Here are some family questions to ask your youth group. If you hear silence, re-word the question a different way. These questions might bring up family issues for you to take note of to help you build better relationships with your youth. If they made a movie about your family, who should star as your family members? Explain. Who do you treat better, your family or your friends? Why? What’s one dream you have for your family? How can you help…