About Kev


My Joy and I

It is hard to write “about Kev.” Although I have many words and phrases that I could write about myself, I choose to see me as Jesus sees me because when I look in the mirror, I can’t see anything good.

I’m married to a wonderful woman, Joy, for over 26+ years. She has been my life partner throughout this journey and is truly my best friend.

Working with youth and young adults and being a part of the body of Christ is where I fit in. Doing the best I can to point others to Christ and trying to not get in the way during the process. Most of what I will blog about will be in relation to spiritual things.

Technology is big for me and I will occasionally write about it here, including graphic design tips. Restoring my 1905 Craftsman Bungalow has been a looooong project for me but “this too shall pass” lol. Hope to run in to you as I journey through this life.