I am a graphic designer by trade and whenever I come across a great solution, I like to teach others about it.

Fraction fonts are great if you want the normal font that they typically come in. But if you are wanting fractions in the font you are using, I have a fairly simplistic solution to share with you.

For this example, we will use 3 3/8″ and show how you can easily make this a fraction without it looking distractive or out of place.

The first thing you do in the document you have open is to go to the File menu and select Document Setup. At the bottom of the setup window, choose these settings under the Type Options.

  • Superscript: 60% size / 30% position
  • Subscript: 60% size / 0% position (this is the baseline alignment)


Type out 3 3/8″ in your document. Select the 3 in 3/8 and choose Superscript from the character palette flyout menu.


Then select the 8 and choose Subscript from the character palette flyout menu.


The forward slash will look awkward with the superscript and subscript numbers so instead of using the normal forward slash key, select the forward slash in the fraction and insert a solidus to replace it by using the following keyboard combination: Option+Shift+1 and it should give you a  ⁄  instead of a / which helps the look of the fraction. When you superscript and subscript the numbers, the thickness of the numbers change and so the thinner solidus helps visually to keep things looking normal.


So go ahead and tell your graphic design friends. Glad to share this with you.

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