“When you point your finger cos your plan fell through / You got three more fingers pointing back at you.” -Solid Rock, by Dire Straights

Our expectation of how others should live does not always coincide with how we should be living. Many Christians, because of the failure of their own life influence and example, point out things that other people should be doing and go so far as to implement laws that will enforce their beliefs.

As a Christian, you have to stop thinking that our world has to have all laws and ordinances that fit what you believe is a Christian lifestyle. The kingdom of God is not being set up here. It is to come, but we are not setting one up. That is God’s responsibility. We are called to be salt and light… to point people to Jesus, not force them to obey. Jesus never forced people to obey Him. He does say to follow Him, but never forced anyone to do so.

There is a difference between what the world sees as acceptable and legal and the Christian life that you are supposed to live. There are distinct differences between the two… Unless you are a worldly Christian.

Some want laws to allow prayer to be in schools. God wants prayer in your homes.

Some want God to be taught in our schools. God wants you to teach your kids through your example in life.

Some want laws enacted to cease from working on their worship day. God wants you to worship Him with your entire lifestyle.

Some want the government to establish laws against gay marriage. God wants you to establish your heterosexual marriage and a mirror His relationship with us.

Instead of looking for the government to push your beliefs onto other people, you should start focusing on living a life with Christ that shows what He is really like. If all of us Christians would exemplify the life of Christ, we wouldn’t have many of these issues at hand.

But people have failed their own lives by not following Christ. Particularly, many men have failed to be true priests in their homes. They have failed to be compassionate, loving, fair, one flesh-minded, honorable, and kind; and instead have been provoking, abusive, envious, adulterous, and self-seeking.

Before we tell others what they have to do in order to obey and worship God, we should be obedient to God in our own lives. Through the life example of Jesus, He was able to turn the hearts of many people towards God.

Before you expect others to follow God, give people a reason to follow God through your own life example.

“And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?” —Matthew 7:3

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