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My name is Kevin Watson and I am an EXPAT living in San Luis Potosí, MX for a few years. I attend a local church here in SLP and have wanted to find ways to help the local church.

As opposed to churches in the US, many churches here struggle with technology because of the price of electronics is typically more in Mexico than in the US. The general worker makes approximately $4-$5.70 USD per day ($74-$108 MX pesos), so donations for the local church pale in comparison to the US.

My local church, Iglesia Adventista Industrial Aviación, was built by Maranatha Volunteers International many years ago and has a wonderful group of people who love Jesus. For the sanctuary, they don’t have a piano to play the hymns, nor do they have hymnals to sing from. They use a digital hymnal to sing from and project the words on the screen. They also use the screen for stories and sermons. However, you can see by the photo that the projection is not bright enough for the morning worship service.

I’m looking to improve their visual presentation in the church. I have already bought one 50ft VGA cable for them to replace a defective VGA cable. When I was in the US several months ago for a visit, a friend gave me an 6+ year-old laptop to give to the church to give them a better computer to use.

Ideally, we would replace the current projector, run the new VGA cable to it, run another VGA cable from the monitor out port on new projector back to the balcony area where we would mount a new TV so the people on the church platform can see what is projected behind them. If we are able to raise more funds to get an even better projector and a new laptop, that would be awesome! I have set two goals for this project. Goal 1 would work just fine. Goal 2 would make everything work better.

Here is an equipment list with prices (USD) I have spec’d out for this project.

Goal 1

  • Good: Epson PowerLite 1930 (4200 lumens): $930.00
  • Additional 50ft. VGA Cable: $38.00
  • Ladder Rental for installation (local): $50.00
  • 65 inch TV Monitor: $799.00
  • TOTAL: $1817

Goal 2

  • Epson PowerLite 1955 (4500 lumens): $1490.00
  • Windows Laptop: $699.00
  • Digital VGA Switch: $135.00
  • Additional 50ft. VGA Cable: $38.00
  • Ladder Rental for installation (local): $50.00
  • 65 inch TV Monitor: $799.00
  • TOTAL: $3211.00

As with all online fundraisers, the payment collector (in this case, PayPal) charges a 2.9% fee plus $0.30 per transaction. Thankfully, YouCaring does not charge for being the facilitator. Once the funds are collected, I will do a wire transfer to get the money to Mexico. Usually, it costs between $50-$65 for the wire transfer fees.

Additional amounts raised over the Goal 2 total would go towards unexpected costs installing the A/V setup and the rest would go to the private Christian School, Instituto Salvador Marchisio, here in SLP to fund scholarships for children in families that need financial assistance.

After raising the funds needed for this project, I will help secure the equipment and assist the designated church IT person to install everything. I believe in transparency, so I am working with our church treasurer to transfer the donations and I will post updates with pictures on the installation and completed setup.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration in helping my local church family. Whatever you can give will be a blessing.

Click Here to Give to this Project at YouCaring
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