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Thankfully, I don’t watch the “news” while on vacation. I see a lot of FB posts about Ferguson. It actually made me get off FB last night. I am not surprised at violence. I am not surprised by injustice. These are things that people around the world struggle with every day.

Everyone outside the process has an opinion they think it is right. If we were honest with ourselves, most of what we think about the Ferguson situation is controlled by our own misconceptions and prejudices. How many of you would like the ignorant opinion of others control the fate of your children? Perspective.

So what is my opinion? Here it is:

I know that God loves each and every one of us equally. He does not show partiality to anyone. You can be faithfully obedient to Him and He does not count you above anyone. We should follow this example. If we treated others as God treats us, this world would be in a way better condition than it is today.

But we are here. We live in this society where evil exists. This world has filled itself with itself as in the days of Noah.

We want people treated fairly. But is that what we do? We are tired of injustice. But where is our mercy? We want people to love and not hate. But do we ourselves have time for that? Can we actually get beyond ourselves to love one another as Christ loves us?

We want vengeance. But God wants our hearts.

So before we start with our emotions on Ferguson, let’s check ourselves first. Before we cast our opinion, let’s ask God to examine our hearts.

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