I am not ashamed to solicit business from my blog. After all, these are my uninvited thoughts! Not only do I do graphic design, online and social media marketing, SEO/SEM, and Google Analytics, but I also consult and can deploy hosted solutions for you.

Did you know that Google Apps for Work only costs $5/mo per user? Why house your own email server when Google can do it for you? If you have experienced Gmail and love the anti-spam/phishing technology it provides, you’ll love Google Apps for Work.

If you are looking to deploy Google Apps for Work and utilize Google’s hosted email, then contact me and I can help you get started. I have experience in deploying Google Apps and can administrate your account or train you and your users. Besides hosted email, the basic Google Apps account provides 30GB of online storage and access to Google’s Suite of online applications. Contact me if you are interested in me setting this up for you.


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