Some of you probably have other words to describe me using the same animal. 😯

A donkey is a lowly animal, mainly used to carry baggage, supplies, and so forth and really is a poor man’s pony. It has a horrible call out of its mouth. Many people are attributed to donkeys so I would guess that donkeys aren’t highly respected. Thinking of me right now, huh? 😀

But really… who am I? I am not much of anything except a lowly man in this world. Of myself, I have nothing to offer. From what I observe in myself, I get irritated easily and frustrated with others when I haven’t spent enough time with Jesus. Some of you have experienced that with me… or at least that’s how I feel sometimes in my head.

I think that a donkey and I really have a lot in common. You see, sometimes the words that come out of my mouth are not the most pleasant and I could be stubborn sometimes too. But it was a donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem and I hope and pray that I can carry Him in my walk and talk into the New Jerusalem.


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