I help mentor many youth online and this one particular youth was struggling with salvation. What I love about working with young people is that once they realize you are being authentic to them, they open up to you. After several conversations online, he sent me this poem for me.

I’m not sure how you consider yourself,
Or how highly, you really are,
Not sure about all thy slight failings,
That never wane, to harrow and mar;

I cannot see the darkness of thy heart,
Its tenebrous depths, I do not know,
Nor of the droning thoughts that fill thy mind;
With the dismal fears, of all thy woes.

The numberless burdens and scars that etch,
The bleak canvas, of your life’s dark epic;
I can only care to but imagine,
All its foul stains, and tainted aspects.

The history of the wars and struggles,
That you have lost in all of your years;
I cannot record on any paper,
Or but ev’n suffer myself, to hear!

But I want you to know that you can rest,
Free from all worry, distress, or fright,
For although you’ve not conquered all thy foes…
You have truly saved, one soul; tonight!

Are You Ready?
The Pursuit of Happyness

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