For all those English majors… save your comments about the title. I’m talking about the movie.

I am not a movie buff. The movies always seem to disappoint me. They’ll usually have killings, cursing, fornication, etc. and I left that mentality behind years ago and I don’t like revisiting it.

But years ago I saw the title of the movie and saw the previews and thought that this would be a good movie to watch. The Pursuit of Happyness is a 2006 American biographical drama film based on Chris Gardner’s nearly one-year struggle with homelessness. I thought, “This would be uplifting to watch.” But I was wrong again. Another disappointment.

The story line is great. A man down and out pursues to try to be successful and provide for his family. Then he falls upon this opportunity and does his best to shine, all the while going through homelessness, poverty, etc. He makes it through in the end and everyone is happy. Except that guy in the elevator who forgot the “essay question” on the back (that was funny).

But through all this, he lies like crazy. Is that the moral of the story? Lie all the way to the top? I know that there are other themes and lessons that we could talk about, but every time I looked he was lying about something. Is that the road to happiness or as the movie says “happyness”?

It reminded me of Joseph. Joseph humbled his way to the top. He was honest… He trusted in God… He was kind and respected people all the way. The Bible tells us in Matthew 5 that happiness starts with understanding our spiritual condition. Then we mourn about what ours sins have done to Christ. Then we become meek and hunger and thirst after righteousness. We become merciful and then pure in heart. Then we become peacemakers and then we are persecuted for righteousness sake.

That is what the Bible calls happiness. “Blessed are the…” is really “Happy are the…”. But the world always shows us a false happiness. A happiness if we just try hard enough. I don’t know about you, but I am done trying to make myself happy. When we are in charge of that task, it always fails us. When we let God run our lives, He makes us happy. We can’t go wrong when He is in charge. True happiness is following God.

Does that mean that we never have trials and struggles? No way! But through them we have a God that never fails to be with us… to see us through… to make us happy.

May our happiness always come from God.

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