At times we look at some young people and wonder why they are so much trouble. We tend to look at them from a bird’s eye perspective and cast a judgement on them because we don’t like the way they act or that they have a lack of respect for others. We hold them in contempt by not letting our children go near them. We hold them in contempt by not associating with the family. Just like Jesus would do…NOT! I would venture to say that it is un-Christ-like to shun the family or the children because you think they are not worthy of your attention.

I used to be one of those unruly kids. Getting into trouble was a specialty of mine. But I understand now that my family situation had a lot to do with how I acted. My Mom and Dad were going through struggles with each other their entire lives together and it allowed an unstable environment in the home. I don’t blame them for how I always acted because I believe that there has to be some accountability on my part. But instability can fuel trouble.

Understanding the whole picture will allow us to be more compassionate with young people. Youth with an unstable environment need stability in relationships. The next time you see some young people who have the appearance of trouble around them, give them a hug. Befriend them and show them that you love them. Love empowers change in one’s life. When we know we are loved unconditionally, we can’t help but to change our perspective, environment, and our attitudes.

“Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all sins.” Proverbs 10:12


Check out the response from this young kid and you will see the root of the problem he is dealing with. There is always more to the story than what we see on the outside.

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