I think it is good that people want to spend their money on others for Valentines Day. Today, some people will really be touched by the gifts and the thoughts of others. Maybe a new relationship will happen… Maybe one will be rekindled… Others will feel very lonely, as they have no boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc.

I have not really been a fan of Valentines Day. I mean… I don’t knock it, really, and I don’t knock others for celebrating it… I just think that it is highly influenced/driven by corporations and businesses and in my thinking; I don’t like to be subconsciously influenced by them. Coupled that with the concept that I think, from my perspective, that you should do things for your loved one when they are not expecting it throughout the year. A note here… a phone call there… a date… a little encouragement and most of all, unconditional love.

I know some men will do those things throughout the year and that is really cool. And I know some who just do this on Valentines Day when their spouse just wants them to be responsible around the house… to be the man of God in their own house… to be that spiritual influence… to help direct each other to the ONE who loves like no one else does.

I know my wife likes flowers, but I also know that she likes it when I make up the bed, take out the trash, fix her lunch in the morning, do laundry, wash dishes, and so on.

Men should be responsible in their own home. Some men think that the wife is supposed to cook for them, clean for them, take care of the kids, and then they will sit around and watch TV and then go out with friends while the wife stays at home. If you are one of those people, let me ask you this: “What part of the ‘two became one’ did you not understand?

Oneness is a partnership, a commitment, and a life-long walk with each other. That doesn’t mean that you lose your own individuality. That doesn’t mean that you lose all your friendships. That doesn’t mean that you are holed up now and have no life. It just means that your life now is about your family and its best interest… and anything against that in your life is a wall you must tear down. If a friend of yours does not respect your alliance with your spouse, you must choose a new friend. If your work is preventing you from being there for your kids, you must look for a job that embraces your family. Anything that is against your marriage commitment and family should be removed from your life.


It is the same with God and us. When Moses came down from that mountain and they had built a golden calf, he destroyed it and grounded it up into powder. It no longer existed. We must do the same with the sins that prevent us from drawing close to Jesus. If there are things in your life that prevent you from being close to Him, you have to do the right thing and remove it from your life.

When you become closer to God in your walk, the ramifications are eternal. Not only do you become closer to Him, but your family will also be ministered to in the process. Let’s go… time to be real men.

The Remodeling God

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